Building Your Brand Online: Stop Chasing People That Don’t Want Your Message

building your brand online

A lot of people (self-included) make the mistake of targeting the wrong audience when they’re building their personal brand or business online. They expend a tremendous amount of energy targeting family and friends. They try to get the people following them on social media today — whether Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ — to read their […]

7 Things Successful Bloggers Have in Common


Blogging ain’t easy. Well, anyone can start one and throw up a few posts. But turning a fledgling blog into a successful (this is relative) one is something else. Even though I’ve been around for a while, I still have my moments of frustration where I wonder why things aren’t progressing as quickly as I’d […]

Should Job Seekers Have a Blog? Well, That Depends…

A reader wrote me yesterday and asked the following: I realize that in order to be a fully competitive job seeker I need to have an online presence and I’ve purchased a domain for what I hope to be “hub & spoke” for digital presence. Outside of that, I would like to have a blog […]