Wanna Know How to Find a Job Using Social Media? Here Are 10 Tips…

find a job using social media

I came across this cool infographic by Reed  on how to find a job using social media over on The Undercover Recruiter, one of my go-to sites for recruiting advice and job seeker insight. The combination of advice here is stuff I’ve pontificated about at some point or another. It’s written with the UK in mind […]

Have You Cleaned Up Your Online Image in These Two Places?

This a good profile picture does not make.

So you’ve heard all the ruckus about having a quality profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They’re as clean as can be. You ain’t got no worries…or so you thought. But what if I told you there are a couple places people forget to look when trying to clean up their online image? Let’s […]

Check Me Out in This Month’s EBONY Magazine!


This past weekend I was perusing a copy of EBONY magazine while standing in a brolick ass grocery store line. I noticed it was the men’s edition and that there was a story about racism in the workplace and how to handle it. I flipped to page 121 curious to see what it was about […]

10 Horrifically Common Mistakes Job Seekers Make [INFOGRAPHIC]


I came across this gem of an infographic by CareerLeaf over at The Undercover Recruiter. I expected it to be OD cheesy when I found it, but it was actually pretty damn good. Take a look…and don’t get got by these common mistakes job seekers make. I’d hate to see you looking all icky and […]

You Wouldn’t Miss Out on Opportunities If…

You got out of your comfort zone. Do you like staying in at your computer? Do you only focus on engaging with your immediate social (media) circle and current contacts? Do you despise and avoid public speaking? If yes, how else will new people connected to great opportunities know who you are? You focused on […]

How to Write a Cover Letter Opening that Shows You Did Your Research

I was visiting one of my favorite career and workplace sites, Ask a Manager, when I saw a reader ask about how to write a cover letter opening that will impress prospectives employers (Q4 on the post). She had been summarizing the companies’ missions in the opening paragraph, which isn’t the most effective way to […]

Fix My Job Search: I Want an HR Job. What Do I Do?

A reader writes: I appreciate you answering my questions. I have been reading your newsletters and I now know that I have not been prepared for the workforce at all. I did get a job recently per some of the advice on your page. I love the job environment, my boss, co-workers, etc., but I […]

Fix My Job Search: How Do I Organize My Search?

A Reader Writes: I am looking for a new position and have a few questions. My main problem is how to organize my job search. I want to be strategic. I always hear its easier to find a job when you have one. Right now I work in an HIV clinic. I graduated two years […]

Great Career Advice Via a Semi-Rejection Letter: Fair or Foul?

An IARJ reader forwarded me an article from Gawker that offers some great career advice, but in an unconventional way. To summarize, some hiring manager/recruiting team member sent a feedback email to 900 applicants that was a congrats, rejection, and advice letter all in one. A job seeker was annoyed by the email and forwarded […]

5 Annoying Mistakes Job Seekers Make That You Need to Avoid

I’m back for Friday Five. Here are five annoying mistakes job seekers make. These aren’t always an automatic trash, but they definitely tip the scale that way. Not remembering you applied for a job when contacted. Yep. This happens. In fact, it happened recently. I emailed someone to set up an interview and they replied […]