Should I Put a Local Address on My Resume?

should i put a local address on my resume

I just had a conversation with someone around this very question. As a recruiter, I can tell you that we do look at where someone is located when reviewing his or her resume. Some of us will even screen you out if you’re too far away and we don’t offer relocation (I’ve done it). And […]

Fix My Job Search: I Want an HR Job. What Do I Do?

A reader writes: I appreciate you answering my questions. I have been reading your newsletters and I now know that I have not been prepared for the workforce at all. I did get a job recently per some of the advice on your page. I love the job environment, my boss, co-workers, etc., but I […]

7 Resume Adds That Can Subtract Value


The following comes from an article I wrote for EBONY on common resume mistakes. You may notice something a little familiar if you read my last post on writing a professional summary. If not, this will be completely “fresh” to you. Either way…enjoy! Your resume is the most important document in your job search. Everything on it […]

4 Easy Wins: How to Write a Professional Summary That Gets Results

how to write a professional summary

There’s a big difference between an objective statement and a professional summary. Unfortunately, a lot of people still go with the former. They lead with an objective like “To contribute to the company’s bottom line by applying knowledge gained through coursework and struggle,” or “To continue developing professionally and to apply what I’ve learned as […]